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Durable, Functional, and Engaging Art

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Wes Horn is a second-generation sculptor, ceramicist, mosaicist, and builder, making durable exterior artworks for the public and shared landscapes. Living and working out of Davis, California, United States, as well as Todos Santos, B.C.S, Mexico; he creates works matched for climates and vistas as varied as the western landscape. 

Specializing in large-scale public art and functional installations, his work can be found seamlessly  and permanently incorporated into libraries, schools, galleries, transit stations, sculpture gardens, town squares and public streets. Ceramic Tile and Mosaic are a hallmark of his colorfully inviting style. Local plant and animal imagery, human relationships, and humor are featured prominently on both murals and large sculptural forms. Clay, cement, steel, and tile provide the toolbox for full execution of permanent installations. Craft traditions and community-build techniques allow the opportunity to invite students and community members of all ages to directly participate in creating some finished works of art. 

Following a rich California tradition of expertly executed and vibrant public art installations, Wes Horn has a created a body of work that demonstrates a commitment to excellence and optimism for the future. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about previous or future projects.



Instagram: weshornart