Interested in learning how to build and use a wood-fired pizza oven in your own yard?  Second generation artist and sculptor Wes Horn is currently seeking persons interested in participating or potentially hosting a comprehensive three-day wood-fired oven building workshop. This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of site preparation, oven design, choosing and acquiring materials, and most importantly, building a functioning oven. Additionally, the workshop will also cover the basics of ceramic tile, decorative concrete and mosaic technique, so that your oven can be a truly unique work of art! Enjoying a wood-fired oven is a communal experience, shouldn’t building one be one also?

Participant Fee                                                            $120.00

Workshop Hosting (includes oven)                            $2200.00*

Workshops will consist of three full days with each 4-hour workshop session separated by at least one week. Class size should be 4-10 persons. Host and participant fees include all materials and installation of oven.

*Discounted hosting price available with full or nearly full attendance 






Contact us to reserve your spot or book a workshop.


Davis, California